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Zip Files and Archives Recovery  Save Disk Space with WinZip Free Download:

WinZip is the most popular compression utility for data file size reduction, encryption, sharing and backup.  The new ribbon interface ("Microsoft Office 2010 style") increases user productivity by streamlining essential tasks.  WinZip support Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

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How to Select the Best Human Services Software Program
Tuesday, 22nd April 2014
In past articles, we have explored the possibility of telecommuting in human services and nonprofit agencies.  In this article, we will explore the features that are essential for a successful telecommuting option for human services professionals (as well as benefits to those professionals working in a more traditional setting).  Flexibility While the missions of human service and non profits might be similar, there are differences in the laws and practices which need to be followed around the country.

Create A Slideshow Movie With Photos
Monday, 21st April 2014
Use iMovie to create an impressive showcase of some of your memorable images There are times when a simple portfolio or Keynote slideshow just won't do, and you want something with a little extra polish.  This is where iMovie comes in handy, offering you the chance to drop in images and create a cool, themed slideshow in moments, as opposed to having to piece together a project slide by slide.  In this tutorial we will be running through how to put together your slideshow, from gathering the images from iPhoto to editing the...

How Does Time and Attendance Tracking in the Cloud Work?
Monday, 21st April 2014
Businesses around the world are increasingly adopting cloud-based business productivity solutions and applications-especially for time and attendance tracking.  This is because the current economic environment has left companies and other organizations with no choice but to streamline their processes and rationalize their expenditure on payroll, benefits, and even corporate travel and advertising.

The Responsibility Of Data Stewards In Data Quality Improvement
Monday, 21st April 2014
Data management initiatives like data quality improvement need the appointment of powerful data stewards.  Their responsibilities must be defined carefully.

Analysing Business Preparedness For Enterprise Master Data Management
Monday, 21st April 2014
Businesses can experience true business value only when the stakeholders are convinced that master data management software is only part of the whole solution.  MDM is a result-oriented, value driven data initiative that helps businesses unlock the true potential of their accumulated master data.

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