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Zip Files and Archives Recovery  Save Disk Space with WinZip Free Download:

WinZip is the most popular compression utility for data file size reduction, encryption, sharing and backup.  The new ribbon interface ("Microsoft Office 2010 style") increases user productivity by streamlining essential tasks.  WinZip support Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

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How To Pick A Winner With Excel - Excel Formula Tip
Wednesday, 28th January 2015
This article will show you how to combine two Excel functions INDEX and RANDBETWEEN to generate a random name form a predefined list of names.  The example used is picking a winning name from the predefined list.

Working With Columns in Microsoft Word
Wednesday, 28th January 2015
Placing your text into multiple columns when you are creating a newsletter, or brochure in Microsoft Word can give your document a much more professional look.  Read this article to find out how.

The Dangers of Online PC Software Checks
Wednesday, 28th January 2015
If you are a regular user of the Internet, there is a fair chance that you will have seen advertisements in various sites for something like a "Free Online PC Software Check".  Sometimes these will invite you to click on a link that will claim to be able to scan your PC's hard disk with a view to both removing viruses and malware or sometimes in order to speed your PC up.  A slight variation on the theme is sometimes seen where the advertisement offers to check just how fast your Internet connection is.

Offshore Software Testing Company Is On Demand
Wednesday, 28th January 2015
Software testing company is an integral piece of a group who is creating software and no software or app is discharged into the market, before it is formally tried.  Manufacture your software, and get it tried today!

Project Management App - What You Should Look For?
Wednesday, 28th January 2015
Looking for an easy to use project management app? You are not alone.  Project managers have found that some of the apps that are supposed to make life easier have actually complicated their lives.

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